Buying a Property

There are many factors to consider when purchasing a property as it will become the most important and meaningful investment of your lifetime. My team is committed first and foremost to making the process seamless.



We support you at every step of the buying process – from finding the right property, to your negotiation and finally through to exchange and completion – providing you with the best possible experience when buying your country home.

How can the Matthew Warsh team help me with my purchase? We utilize our vast network of clients and geographical and market knowledge, in order to find you the property of your dreams. Our constant contact with our network of potential sellers, allows our buyers earlier access to the latest listings, before they hit the open market. We aim to do all of the searching for you, to eliminate the need for you having to spend countless hours searching on mls and centris on your own.

The purchase process can be complex and is affected by several different sets of variables.

Obviously one of the most important elements, is price. We provide a detailed and complete market analysis, in order to determine the potential fair market value of your desired property. This ensures that you do not overpay, as is often the case when buyers purchase directly from the owner, or directly from the agent that is representing the seller, thereby taking their self interest out of the equation.

The next natural step is mortgage qualification. We will connect you to a member of our lending team. This is done in order to best determine the maximum purchase price that you can comfortably afford.

Some buyers don’t realize that banks are not their only option. We will connect you with multiple lenders and financial institutions to ensure that you obtain the best conditions and interest rate for your mortgage. All of this this ensures that there are no unpleasant surprises when the time comes to make an offer on a property.

A very important part of the purchase process, are the attached conditions accompanying an offer. Do you have to make your offer conditional on the sale of your property? Are you purchasing with or without legal warranty? Is the property currently occupied by a tenant? Is there an active right of first refusal on the property? All of these important questions are answered and addressed by our team, before moving forward with an offer on a property.

Our goal is to protect the buyer against all potential variables.

Find the property best suited to you

Analyze market value

Offer and negotiate

Buying a Home

Initial consultation

During our initial buying consultation, one of our expert buyers agents will ask you a list of specific questions, in order to best determine your budget, your needs, wants, and must haves for the purchase of your property. We will then narrow your search criteria down to specific areas and neighborhoods, and get you setup with your own property search portal, which will help you keep track of the different listings that we will be sending you.

Choosing your lender

Your current bank may not necessarily offer you the best interest rate or conditions.

We will refer you to a member of our specialized lending team, connecting you to several financial institutions and private lenders. This ensures that you are able to make a well informed decision, as well as an economical one.

Our team can tailor a lending solution, which suits your personal borrowing needs. We offer solutions for self employed individuals, as well as for international buyers.

Visiting properties

One of our buying agents will coordinate and accompany you to all property showings and inspection appointments, based on your schedule. We will be present to guide you every step of the way, until we’ve found your ideal property.

Our constant contact with our network of potential sellers, allows our buyers earlier access to the latest listings, before they hit the open market. We aim to do all of the searching for you, to eliminate the need for you having to spend countless hours searching on mls and centris on your own.

What’s it worth?

Once we’ve found your ideal property, we will conduct a detailed comparative market analysis. This will help you to determine “fair market value” for the property that interests you, and will help guide you financially while making your offer to purchase. We will also present you with area statistics, and sales figures. Our goal is to secure your new property at a fair price, and to ensure that you don’t overpay for it.

The art of the deal, protecting your equity

The next step in a typical purchase is to prepare, present and negotiate your offer. We will strategically present your offer to the property’s owner or the listing agent, using comparable sold properties as well as local market statistics in order to demonstrate the property’s fair market value through the eyes of a buyer.

We will then firmly negotiate counter proposals, or amendments in terms of price and conditions, until we have an offer which is accepted by both the buyer and the seller.

Due diligence: home inspection and mortgage approval

Once we’ve achieved an accepted offer, we will refer you to several experienced and detail oriented home inspectors. Once you’ve chosen an inspector, we will coordinate with the seller, or the listing realtor, in order to schedule your property’s inspection.

As soon as the inspection has been completed(usually within 3 days), the inspector will provide you with a written inspection report. Your buying agent will take you through the next steps, depending on the results of the inspection.

We will also analyze and explain any additional ownership documents, such as the certificate of location(survey), the declaration of co-ownership(in the case of a condominium), condo meeting minutes, financial statements, and additional disclosures.

Following fulfillment of all inspection and diligence conditions, we will forward all necessary offer and property documentation to your lender, in order to obtain a “final” mortgage approval as soon as possible, and within the time periods of your offer.

Once we’ve received your mortgage approval, and all conditions are satisfied your offer becomes firm which means that you’re the property is SOLD! We will help you arrange a final walkthrough of the property, before the closing appointment.

The closing: Your new property

All conditions of your offer are fulfilled. This means that its time for us to refer you to a Notary, in order to sign the deed of sale for your new property. We will connect you with several notaries, that are specialized to handle your specific purchasing situation.

We can also refer you to a moving company, and assist you with scheduling your move.

Your journey begins

The end of the purchase process, signals a new beginning for you in your new property! We will guide you in getting your new home setup with power and gas companies, as well as local neighborhood groups and services.


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