When listing your property for sale, we apply a multitude of marketing techniques, combining traditional “direct prospecting” with state of the art immersive virtual tours, in order to gain maxi-mum exposure to your listing.

Active Marketing

We believe in the ACTIVE MARKETING approach. Our goal here is to proactively SEEK OUT AND FIND BUYERS FOR YOUR HOME.

Some realtors believe that promoting a home consists of simply putting up a for sale sign, taking a few photos, and then placing it on mls/centris. These antiquated methods have no place in to-day’s connected world.

Today’s property buyers need to have instant access to extremely high quality data, and media regarding what interests them. All of our property listings are optimized for mobile viewing on smartphones and tablets, which are quickly becoming the primary devices used to find homes.

Direct prospecting

One of the first items included in our action plan, is our direct prospecting.
Within the first 5 days of listing your property, we will spend several hours canvassing the imme-diate area around your home with “just listed” phone calls. Essentially, we will be calling your neighbours to inform them that we just listed a home nearby, and we will ask them whether or not they know of someone that would be looking to move into the area.

Although this method is time consuming, we have found that many homeowners living in your immediate vicinity know someone in their network of family or friends that are currently in the market for a property.

Professional Photography

The old catchphrase that “pictures speak a thousand words” still holds true today, especially when promoting a real estate asset for sale. We are affiliated with some of the best professional photographers in the business, for our still photos. Before and during the photo shoot of your property, we will assist the photographer in decluttering and staging each room to be photographed. High resolution HDR photos will be used to showcase the features of your home, on the listing page. Examples of this high quality photography can be seen by clicking on the sold property links below.

State of the art virtual tours

In order to best show off your property, one of our team members may suggest that we capture your home in one of our cutting edge, interactive virtual tours. This is not a standard, run of the mill “video tour”, this is a fully interactive 360 degree virtual showing of the property, through which the buyer can fully navigate your home, from room to room! The buyer can “walk” up and down stair cases, through doors and can even view your backyard! Our tours help buyers imag-ine themselves in your home, and are also fully optimized for mobile viewing on smartphones and tablets. This also helps to reduce the number of unnecessary showings, by virtually pre-qualifying each purchaser. This is a virtual “test drive” of your home!

Please take a few moments to navigate the virtual tours of some of our sold listings, below: