Relocation Services

One of our team’s specialties are relocations. Whether you are moving from another country, or another province, we will make your relocation to the Montreal area smooth and seamless.

You can be at ease, with the knowledge that we are recognized members of several government and private relocation companies, and we have worked with both relocating buyers and sellers.

When relocating due to a job transfer, a whole new set of variables are introduced into the real estate transaction.
One of the most common of these variables, is the buyer’s lack of knowledge of the Montréal area real estate market. Sharing local market knowledge with you, will be our first order of business, as a good understanding of the market will help prepare you for your purchase.


We will make your relocation to the Montreal area smooth and seamless.


We will setup a relocation consultation, either in person, via facetime/skype or by phone.

During our initial meeting, one of our expert buyers agents will ask you a list of specific questions, in order to best determine your budget, your needs, wants, and must haves for the purchase of your property.

We will then narrow your search criteria down to specific areas and neighbourhoods, providing you with knowledge and facts about both, and get you setup with your own property search portal, which will help you keep track of the different listings that we will be sending you

Loan/Mortgage Pre Approval

The next step will be to refer you to a member of our lending team, in order to establish a comfortable price range for your purchase, and to lock you in at the best possible rate, with the best possible conditions.

Our specialized lending team, will then connect you to several financial institutions and private lenders. This ensures that you are able to make a well informed decision, as well as a sound economical one.

Our team can tailor a lending solution, which suits your personal borrowing needs and offers solutions for self employed individuals, as well as for international buyers.

Viewing Property

Whether you plan on scheduling a trip to Montréal, specifically to begin your home search, or would prefer for us to be your “eyes and ears”, we offer innovative solutions which utilize some of today’s incredible technology. We can arrange to preview properties for you, and to connect with you LIVE on facetime or skype. This will allow you to get a real-time, guided tour of the home, without the need for you to travel.

Offer and Closing Process

Government employee relocations, as well as many company sponsored moves are often subject to a specific transactional process.

We will collaborate with your relocation coordinator, to ensure that the proper transaction documentation is provided to them, along with any additional reports they might require.

Many relocation companies require the purchaser to exclusively use the services of approved third party suppliers, such as home inspectors, appraisers and notaries (a.k.a solicitors). We are already connected to a network of these individuals, and will help you choose the most appropriate professional based on your specific needs, while respecting your companies requirements.

We will assist you in coordinating and planning.. referring you to a mover, as well as utilities, insurance companies, and any community organizations in your new neighbourhood.