Selling Your Property

The sale of your property consists of various circumstances and details to consider. We know that the decision to sell a property tends to precede or follow one, or several of life’s milestones or challenges. Our team’s objective is to masterfully and seamlessly carry out this crucial task, while protecting your equity.


Getting to SOLD

Selling a property in any market, anywhere in the world is based on two fundamental contributing factors:

The seller’s motivation to get their home sold, and the asking price which is set by the seller.

These ingredients make up a significant portion of the formula, which determines whether or not your property will be sold quickly, and for the highest price possible.

During our first meeting, we will provide you with a detailed comparative market analysis, in order to best determine your property’s fair market value and the price that will cause your home to sell. This avoids the unfortunate scenario of “chasing the market” or repeatedly reducing your asking price, until you are in line with what buyers are willing to pay for your home.

Most people have the perception that when a piece of property “sits” on the market for a long peri-od of time, there must be “something wrong” with the house, even if it isn’t the case. A “hot” peri-od for a new listing, is typically between the first and 45th day on the open market. This is when you are most likely to receive the highest number of offers to purchase your home, for the highest price. Sellers MUST keep these facts in mind, when setting the ever important listing price.

Once a competitive asking price has been established, there are a variety of additional details which need to be carried out correctly, in order to achieve the best and highest offer.

Many of the following questions come to mind, when thinking of the sale of your most valuable as-set:

Do we price it high, to leave room for negotiation? What is the best time of the year to list a proper-ty for sale? Should we upgrade/renovate our home before we put it on the market? Should we con-sider having a pre listing home inspection done? What about homestaging?

ALL of these questions and concerns will be addressed by our team, during our Initial listing consulta-tion.
Our ultimate purpose, is to secure the highest possible selling price in the least amount of time, en-abling our clients to move on to wherever life leads them.

These are the results that passion creates.

Listing Consultation

Prior to and during our initial listing consultation, one of our specialized listing agents will ask you a list of specific questions, designed to determine your set of objectives, timeframe, wants and needs, for the sale of your property.

The asking price... listening to the market

During the listing consultation, our team will provide you with a detailed comparative market analy-sis, which will contain the listing data from recently sold comparable properties in your area. The solds are the most important pieces of information in the report, and should be looked at objectively and in depth. We will break down each sold comparable with you, during our meeting, and provide insight and comparisons to your home. Also included in the report, are active properties, which are currently on the market in your area. These should be considered only as “competition” for your list-ing. Fair market value cannot be determined, based on active comparables, as asking prices are commonly the result of a homeowner that is “testing the market”, or overpricing purposely when he or she is not truly motivated to sell the property.

Once we have completed our presentation of the report, we will decide on a listing price together, based on what the sold properties (THE MARKET) suggests your home is worth.

The internet has changed the way that real estate is sold today. Gone are the days of overpricing by 10% or more, in order to account for “negotiation room”!! The buying public is more sensitive and aware of overpricing than ever before. We recommend a pricing strategy within 5% of the fair market value of your property.

The tried and true method of slightly under-pricing a property, in order to secure multiple offers is still valid in today’s market. We have used this technique to successfully sell homes quickly, and of-ten, for a sale price which is ABOVE the original asking price. This is only successful in specific circum-stances, with certain properties. We will suggest this method, ONLY if we believe that it will benefit you.

Disclosures and Inclusions

Once a competitive asking price has been established, we will begin discussing mandatory disclo-sures, relating to the overall condition and state of repair of the home. This will include detailed in-formation regarding extensive renovations, or upgrades that you’ve made to the property within the past 5-10 years. This is extremely important information to divulge to purchasers, as it will provide them with a feeling of transparency and peace of mind, while they are deciding on the home that they’d like to purchase. The rule of thumb here; disclose to close!

Depending on the condition of the property, and the circumstances of the sale, our team may suggest that we order a “pre-listing” inspection. This is essentially the same, detailed pre-purchase inspec-tion that a buyer will have to carry out as a condition of his or her offer to purchase. There are several benefits to doing this, one of which is avoiding nasty surprises when the purchasers have their in-spection done. Promises to purchase are governed by mandatory time delays, which must be fol-lowed. When an unexpected anomaly or a defect comes up in the buyer’s inspection, many sellers will make the hasty decision of quickly abating their price, in order to avoid having the buyer back out of the offer. A PRE-LISTING inspection report, which has been provided to the buyer BEFORE they have made the decision to submit an offer, removes all of the surprise from the equation.

Our next step in the listing process, will be to indicate the items in your home (major appliances, light fixtures, window coverings etc) which you would like to leave for a potential purchaser as “in-clusions”. These items must be in working order, when the buyer moves in to your home, but are sold without legal warranty of quality.
We will also exclude from the sale, any commonly included items such as light fixtures, high value appliances, or items which are of sentimental value to you.

Marketing your property to sell

The next stage in our meeting, is an explanation of our marketing system.

We combine traditional marketing techniques, such as telephone prospecting and door knocking, with cutting edge, immersive virtual tours and professional photography. We regularly canvass the area around a new listing by phone, with “just listed” calls, informing your neighbors that a new property has been listed nearby, and inquiring as to whether or not they might know of someone that is looking to move into the area. We will also call our database of qualified buyers, if your prop-erty matches their needs.

Depending on the neighbourhood, and type of property, we may suggest a traditional open house. This method, although less effective than in the past, can be useful in certain markets.

Your home will be featured on several high traffic websites, social media such as facebook and insta-gram, as well as local and national printed media. We will create a customized marketing plan for your property, based on its price, location buyer demographics.

Please visit the marketing section of this site, to learn more, and to get a preview of some of the in-novative techniques we utilize.

We will provide you with regular web traffic updates, in order for you to track the progress of your property’s listing and web ranking, as well as the effectiveness of our marketing plan.

Showcasing your property: first showings

Once all of the pre-listing diligence has been completed, we will tour your home with you, and pro-vide you with suggestions on how to make your home look more appealing to the buyers that will be seeing it. We will suggest color schemes, paint colors, decluttering, removal of personal items and family portraits. We work with a team of homestagers, to help dress your home up for sale, if de-sired.Their contact information can be found in the preferred partners section of this website.

All private showings and visits will be coordinated with you, a minimum of 24 hours in advance.

Our team is committed to being present for every single showing of your home, whether we are showing it to one of our buyers, or to a buyer that is working with a broker. We believe that our sell-er’s hire us to SELL their home, and thus, we must be present during showings to achieve that!

We will provide you with clear, concise feedback, following all viewings.

Negotiating offers: the art of the deal

Through our guidance, you’ve priced it right, presented your home effectively, and now you’ve re-ceived your first set of offers.

Our team knows that negotiation is all about getting others to see something from another view-point. When representing the needs and desires of a client, we work together to understand inter-ests and offer solutions so that all parties can work from the same viewpoint. We achieve this, by qualifying and asking the right questions to determine the client’s needs and interests.

We believe that a deal is a deal when all parties feel good about it when its complete. We take the time to understand the needs of both parties and then we customize a deal to match both sets of needs. Our goal is to win over the buyer, so that they become partners in a shared problem solving process.

Our first step is to present you with each offer that comes in, clarifying and explaining all conditions as well as “pro’s” and “cons”. Occasionally, the buyers agent may present his purchaser’s offer to you, while we are in attendance.

Every buyer wants to feel that they’ve made the best deal; every seller wants to feel as if they drove a hard bargain. With that in mind, our team utilizes powerful and effective techniques, working closely with the purchaser or their broker, in order to secure the highest net sales price for your property, and at the same time a price that is still enticing to the purchaser.

We will broker an offer which fulfills your desired financial outcome, based on both fair market va-lue, combined with your ideal sale conditions (i.e legal warranty waiver, possession date, security deposit etc).

Once an agreement on price has been reached, we will arrange a closing date and possession date which is satisfactory to both the seller and the buyer.

Diligence period and closing

Once an accepted offer has been negotiated, we will carry out specific and mandatory diligence, in order to achieve a successful transaction. We will coordinate with the purchaser’s lender or financial institution, to obtain written proof that he or she has the necessary funds in cash, to purchase your property. In the case of an offer which is conditional upon the buyer securing a mortgage, or bank loan, we will obtain an unconditional, verified, final mortgage approval, within the time periods of the promise to purchase.

We will coordinate the buyer’s home inspection(if applicable), and suggest any action that may re-sult from it(repairs, price abatement etc.).

We will communicate and transmit the offer details, as well as legal documentation, to the acting notary that will be coordinating the closing, and the signing of the deed of sale.

One of our team members will suggest a moving company, as well as any other information that you might need, in order to ensure a smooth transition to your next property.

SOLD: Your next adventure begins

The deed of sale has been signed, and your property is SOLD! We will assist you with any final moving details, and stay in regular contact with you. Our goal, is to provide you with a selling experience that you will remember fondly, and to remain your realtors for life!

Our Clients Say it Best

  • Determine your price

    We take the right steps to list your home. Starting with researching homes in your area, and taking a close look at the value of yours.

  • List and Market

    We'll not only list your home on MLS but we will also provide your listing with incredible multimedia and marketing to sell fast.

  • Negotiate and Close

    You can rest easy knowing your in good hands. We take care of all the details from start to closing.